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Why Social Media Is Vital to Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
Melissa Jun Rowley is a freelance entertainment correspondent for CNN, a writer for Causecast, and producer for “That Morning Show” on E! Entertainment. She is @MelissaRowley. on Twitter and blogs at . A cultural and corporate shift is taking place in the world. The result of things like the current economic climate and recognition of global climate change, society is starti

hikes 2009 forecast

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
Filed under: Earnings reports. , Forecasts. , Technical Analysis. Shares of The Boston Beer Company. (NYSE: SAM. ) surged to a new 52-week high Friday morning, after the brewmaster reported a third-quarter profit. of $10.4 million, or 72 cents per share, on revenue of $108.7 million. The company swung to a loss of 2 cents per share in the third quarter of 2008, but attributed its turnaround to st

#124 Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
Often it can be easier to find common ground with a white person by talking to them about something you both hate. Discussing things you both like might lead to an argument over who likes it more or who liked it first. Clearly, the safest route is mutual hatred. When choosing to talk about something [.]

Student Loan Debt Advice

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
The Student Loan Debt Advice website is dedicated in helping you find all of the information you need to educate yourself about Student Loan Debt.

Chickenhawk Tancredo storms off set after Markos confronts him on veterans health care

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
A few minutes ago on The Ed Show, Tom Tancredo tried to make the case against government health care by claiming that the Veterans Administration is unpopular with U.S. military veterans. The only problem for him was that he was up against Markos..who is one of those veterans, unlike Tancredo, a pro-Vietnam War chickenhawk. who got a 1-Y deferment. When Markos pointed out that Tancredo was (a) wr

Mobile Phones with Instant Cash Back

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
Great site for Instant Cashback Mobile Phones

Another Google Heir Is Born: Larry Page's Son [Rumormonger]

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
Larry Page. is now the co-creator of something other than the most important internet site in the world: A tipster whispers the Google co-founder is the father of a baby boy, as of Thursday. Google co-founder Page and model-PhD wife Lucy Southworth. 's new startup would appear to be going public right on schedule. It was seven months ago that word of Southworth's pregnancy. leaked in a Silicon Va

Succeedblog: awesome stuff captioned with SUCCEED

Posted by Bungle 1264 days ago
The Succeedblog is a lovely, optimistic, "wonderful things" approach to the web -- rather than amusing its readers with pictures of bad things, captioned with "FAIL," it focuses on pictures of great things, captioned with "SUCCEED" Lovely. Succeedblog (via Make).
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