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Iran OKs 10 new nuke plants

Posted by LuvMeTru 1241 days ago
Iran's Cabinet has OK'd building 10 more uranium enrichment plants, the state news agency says, further defying calls to halt nuclear fuel production.

Golf Outerwear

Posted by LuvMeTru 1241 days ago
The Golf Outerwear site reviews and provides great information to help you find the best in Golf Outerwear offers and deals.

Silk Screen Printing Equipment

Posted by LuvMeTru 1241 days ago
Silk screen printing equipment can be used by artists and entrepreneurs alike to create lovely prints on just about any surface. The silk screen process is very ancient and involves the use of a fine mesh covering over a frame. The mesh is stretched across the frame and then nailed .

RO Water Filtration Systems

Posted by AlanDc 1243 days ago
There are numerous filtration systems available in the market but the latest and the most effective system is the reverse osmosis water filtration system. Water is unarguably, the most important part of our lives. Irrespective of the time zone, demography or the age of human being, water had always remained .

Wooden Garage Doors

Posted by AlanDc 1243 days ago
Advice on buying wooden garage doors

Fujitsu Develops Technology for Low-Temperature Full-Service Direct Formation of Graphene Transistors on Large-Scale Sub

Posted by AlanDc 1243 days ago
Fujitsu Laboratories today announced, as a world first, the development of a novel technology for forming graphene transistors directly on the entire surface of large-scale insulating substrates at low temperatures while employing chemical-vapor deposition (CVD) techniques which are in widespread use in semiconductor manufacturing.

new world artisans

Posted by flyboy 1247 days ago
I remember marzipan. Forty years ago at formal Washington dinner parties, just after coffee was served, waiters would pass silver trays dotted with beautiful candies shaped like tiny fruits and vegetables. They called it "the marzipan course."

iPhone and Cocoa Development Certificate Program

Posted by flyboy 1247 days ago
The University of Washington Extension. has added a Mac and iPhone program. A bunch of smart and accomplished local developers (plus me) are on the advisory board. . If you live in or near Seattle, and you want to learn Cocoa programming — you should sign up here. .
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