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Why Google Chrome OS has already won

Posted by LuvMeTru 1248 days ago
Today InfoWorld’s Randall Kennedy says that Google’s Chrome OS will fail. What he is missing is he’s looking at the wrong field. Google is playing a different game. Google Chrome OS is NOT about killing Microsoft or Apple. What is it about? Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers. See, what happens if the world goes to Microsoft’s Silverlight, the way [.]

Hacked E-Mails Fuel Global Warming Debate

Posted by LuvMeTru 1248 days ago
A trove of e-mails stolen from a leading climate-research group in Britain has sparked an online debate over global warming data. Bloggers claim the e-mails reveal that scientists colluded and manipulated data to support global warming theories.

Intel: Don't look for one device to do it all

Posted by LuvMeTru 1248 days ago
Top Intel researchers say development of a single device that performs all personal tasks for business people and consumers is unlikely; instead users can expect more personalized devices that can tell users what they need and when they need it.

Bad Credit Loan Help — Help with Finding Loans

Posted by LuvMeTru 1248 days ago
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Sweeter the second time: Ars reviews Assassin's Creed 2

Posted by LuvMeTru 1248 days ago
2007's Assassin's Creed. was a divisive game. While it was full of ambition and great ideas, it ultimately boiled down to a fairly repetitive experience with plenty of potential but even more gameplay "issues." For the the sequel, the team at Ubisoft Montreal attempted to fix those mistakes. , building upon the solid foundation of the original—and it worked. AC2. is the game we all wanted Assass

Mobile Phone With Free Sat Nav

Posted by Mikeala 1255 days ago

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