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Tweetie 2 Gaining Native Foursquare Support

Posted by LuvMeTru 1141 days ago
While Loren Brichter may be hard at work on Tweetie Two for the Mac. , he hasn't given on his baby: Tweetie 2 for the iPhone. While the app hasn't been updated since late November, a new build is due shortly with one big addition: native Foursquare. support. What this means is that anytime someone in your tweet stream sends out a tweet from Foursquare (which, to the annoyance of some users, happens automatically at times), that Foursquare link (shown as a URL) will be able to be opened in Tweetie in a way that displays the location information in a nice format. When a tweet is eligible for this feature, you'll see a purple square logo in the upper right hand corner of the tweet in Tweetie.

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