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Glottal Opera: vocal chords on video

Posted by Bungle 1265 days ago
This is the Glottal Opera, featuring the vocal chords of the band Kaya: Sally Stevens, Alexi Kaye, Emma Deans and Juleiaah Boehm. John Fink directed the video and Deborah Szapiro was producer. (Thanks, Dean Putney!) Previously:Mel Blanc's vocal cords - Boing Boing..

iRobot creates new business unit for healthcare robotics

Posted by Bungle 1265 days ago
Well, it doesn't have a Roomba that will check up on your vitals just yet, but it looks like iRobot. is betting on healthcare robotics in a fairly big way, with it taking advantage of the recent TEDMED conference to announce that it's forming a new business unit focused solely on the still burgeoning industry. That unit will be headed up by Tod Loofbourrow, who says that he believes the business

DIY sewable iPod remote takes just ten minutes

Posted by Bungle 1265 days ago
Okay, so we fully anticipate that creating the downright adorable object you see above will take far longer than ten minutes if you a) don't have a stash of circuits and fabrics laying around and / or b) you've never done anything like this before, but for seasoned DIYers, this is about as easy as it gets. The "10-minute sewable iPod remote" can actually be any character or design you feel like m

Ft. Hood Shooter Previously Had Concealed Handgun Permit [Ft. Hood]

Posted by Bungle 1265 days ago
Add this to the data pile on the Ft. Hood. shooter: We've learned that Nidal Hasan applied for and received a permit to carry a concealed handgun in Virginia in March 1996. A Roanoke County Circuit Court clerk was able to tell us that he received the permit, but not the reason he specifed on his application for needing the gun. The obvious one, of course, would be that he's a soldier. The clerk i

The Worst Gadget Ripoff I've Seen Today [Cellphones]

Posted by Bungle 1265 days ago
Allow me to introduce the Hi-Pod phone. It comes with a one-inch LCD display, FM radio support, and an imitation iPod clickwheel stuck onto a hideously clunky chunk of plastic. It's $85 and doesn't..

BBC - WW2 People's War - Trumpetting my Way through the War

Posted by Admin 1265 days ago
WWII experiences of a musician / trumpet player.
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